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QUESTION # 1: How do I order services from ETS?

Currently at the moment, the shopping cart is under construction.

Contact ETS directly to receive our order forms and price sheet.

Please call or email us at

From there, an ETS representative will assist you with the ordering process.

There are a few practical applications when ordering our Internet & Wi-Fi services:

  • What is the Internet needed for?

    • Basic functionality with access to email and web pages for a small or large number of users

    • Streaming video, video conferencing and large file transfers

    • High performance and speed for interactive and customer facing demos


  • Consider speed and performance first, not just the total number of devices. Example:

    • The Enterprise package for 40 devices will provide a basic Internet experience when all 40 devices are connected

    • The Enterprise package for 15 devices will provide a higher level of speed and performance than the Professional package with 15 devices

Below are the services currently available:

ESSENTIAL (3Mbps – not available until 2023)

  • ETS’ newest service offering and will come in a smaller size and footprint.

  • Ideal for small booths, or single user with multiple devices (i.e., computer, iPad, phone)

  • Can be utilized as a backup in case the venue’s Wi-Fi does not perform as needed

STARTER (5Mbps) to PREMIER (25+MB)

  • Choose the best option for speed and performance that aligns with customer budget and expectations

  • For a basic Internet experience, choose the package based on the maximum number of devices that will connect



  • For the best Internet experience and speeds possible (where available)

  • Example of our 5G Ultimate Router receiving high download and upload speeds

5G Speed Test Up.jpg
5G Speed Test Down.jpg

QUESTION # 2: Where can I use your Mobile Internet Kits?

  • Virtually anywhere in the United States where a cellular signal is available.

  • Our mobile kits have been successfully used in many of the largest convention centers and venues nationwide.

  • ETS utilizes Tier-1 level cellular services from multiple carriers to offer you the broadest and best connection possible.

  • Contact ETS if you have any questions regarding service availability at your desired location.

QUESTION # 3: How does ETS prices compare to similar speeds and services from the venue?

Here are a few screenshots of popular meeting center's Internet pricing

CC Price 2.png
CC Price.png

ETS simplifies the Internet ordering process with our flat rates, lower prices, and easy to choose options that best suits your needs.

Additional Questions and Answers:

1.  Can I connect the devices on the show floor directly with a cable instead of Wi-Fi?

  • If Wi-Fi congestion and performance is a concern for the client, devices can be directly connected to the kit with an ethernet (CAT5-type) cable.

  • Cables can be connected to the router, or to an external network switch.

  • Consult with ETS if you have any questions

2.  Why not just use a Hot Spot?

  • ETS uses enterprise-grade equipment in our network kits. This has been tested and utilized at events and is specifically engineered to work in high-density environments where Hot Spots will fail when Internet and Wi-Fi are most needed.

  • Beyond equipment, ETS engineers will provide the very best technical support with fast response times and great customer service.

3.  Why will ETS’ Wi-Fi work in high density environments when others don’t or are intermittent?

  • ETS utilizes atypical Wi-Fi channels, that often don’t compete with other Wi-Fi networks.

  • ETS scans, monitors, and adapts to the Wi-Fi spectrum before and during the event, to ensure the highest signal quality available.

4.  My phone has unlimited data. Why does ETS charge for cellular data?

  • ETS’ Business accounts with our Internet providers are tier-1 level cellular services. This means that our Mobile Internet Kits have the highest priority to the cellular towers versus other devices (including most cell phones and hot spots) within the same location.

  • NOTE: Most unlimited data plans for phones may be limited to 22GB per month. Once that threshold is reached, the speeds will be reduced to 3G speeds (less than 1Mpbs).

  • ETS does not have the 22GB of data threshold on any of our Mobile Internet Kits.

5.  Do convention centers block Wi-Fi or cellular signals?  My hot spot and/or router stopped working once the event started.  Can they also ban customers from bringing wireless routers and hot spots, because it creates issues with the venue’s network?

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